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    Default "Ihave a 1990 Astro quickfire

    "Ihave a 1990 Astro quickfire 18 FSX, Motor 150 Mercury. The Ignition switch dry rotted and broke. I tryed replacing it the Mercury switch EL076020 IGN switch (this replaces 87-88107 and 87-88107A5 switch). The wire termanal on the old switch does not match the new one. OLD switch A, M, B, S, C. NEW SWITCH A, M, B, M, C, I, S. if this is the correct switch please help with the correct wiring,color code. ie yellow/blk stripe, yellow/red stripe, black/yellow stripe, red,2 blacks, red/grey stripe, 2purple,"

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    Default A-Purple M-Black B-Red M-Bl

    I-Not used on your motor
    The red/gray stripe has me baffled. What is the serial # of your motor?

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