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    Default " My question is, When winteri

    " My question is, When winterizing and storing you boat and motor outside, with the cover in place, should the tank vent be open or closed? The tank will be topped off with fresh, stabilized gas that has been run through the motor. Also, should I leave the fuel line connected to the motor?

    Thanks for the help.

    Mark "

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    Default "Mark.... Sorry to be late in

    "Mark.... Sorry to be late in getting back to you. I was waiting for other techs to jump in with their advice which might exceed mine in this vent area.

    However, With a cover enclosing the boat surface, with the vent closed, a temperture change would cause pressure within the tank which could in some cases damage a "O" Ring seal etc, resulting in fuel being forced out of the tank. On the other hand, with the vent open, that would allow a dangerous fuel/air mixture to fill the entire cavity under the boat cover... a very dangerous scenario!

    It, in my opinion, would be best if you removed the portable tanks from the boat and stored them elsewhere where you can check them from time to time. If the boat cover itself is vented properly where fumes can escape, obviously the tanks could remain in the boat. Pertaining to the fuel line at the engine... remove it.

    Hopefully there will be a tech that will jump in here who has more experience and knowledge in this area. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    We occasionally have questions. If you fail to answer, it may affect ours.

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    Default " Joe, Thanks for getting b

    " Joe,

    Thanks for getting back to me. This is my plan (with your approval of course) for winterizing my 1995 Evinrude 30 HP: Run stabilized gas through the motor (about 15 minutes), fog motor till it stalls, pull cover and coat surface of motor/electronics with WD-40, pull both plugs and spray fogging oil into both cylinders and rotate by hand to spread the oil onto the cylinder walls, drain and refill lower unit, disconnect fuel line at motor, remove portable tank from boat, empty gas into my truck's gas tank and store the tank in my unheated garage with the vent open so the tank will dry out (no condensation in tank).

    Since this motor has a brand new (rebuilt) powerhead, which is not yet finished being broken in with double oil, are there any other precautions I should take? I've got to run one more full tank of fuel (6 gallons) of double oil before going back to normal 50:1. Obviously I don't want to ruin the powerhead!

    Any additional advice you can give me is most certainly appreciated!

    Thanks again Joe!

    Mark "

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    Default " Mark... Sounds like you'

    " Mark... Sounds like you've got it covered nicely. Actually, since you're fogging the engine until it stalls, there's no need to remove the s/plugs to shoot in anything else. That area will be saturated with the fogging solution anyway. But if that puts you at ease, it won't hurt anything.

    The gas tank in the unheated garage sounds okay if the garage is seperate from the house, otherwise, it would be best to store the tank(s) in a shed. Use caution with the tank(s) in the garage. If there's poor ventilation, the garage could fill with fuel fumes (not a good idea). It would probably be better (with empty tanks) to close the vent, then simply check them for built up pressure occasionally. Disconnect the hose from the tank(s) if they're they have the snap on fittings.

    Joe (30+ Years With OMC) "
    We occasionally have questions. If you fail to answer, it may affect ours.

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    Default Thanks again Joe! You certai

    Thanks again Joe! You certainly possess a wealth of knowledge! I'm sure I speak for all those you have helped in the past by saying "THANK YOU"! I sure wish there were more marine mechanics like you!


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