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    Default " I have been just told that m

    " I have been just told that my 1987 Black Max is only running 110 psi on the # 1 and # 2 cylinders and that after being scoped the #2 cylinder is scored. the motor is only worth 1500.00 from what I have been told, and my boat is an 89 Champion 184DC bassboat, a little rough looking. I was told that it would cost me about 2,200.00 for a rebuild? Is this out of line? What do you think I should do? I am in Bastrop Texas.

    Kirk Obst "

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    Default "Kirk.... Mercurys are not my

    "Kirk.... Mercurys are not my line of expertise but overhauls on a V/6 outboard, regardless of the mfg, with my experience encountered with the Evinrude/Johnson engines, that figure isn't out of line..... if it's done properly. Even when cutting corners (price wise but not quality wise) for a friend, it's very easy to hit a figure of say $1800.00. Wish you luck.

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    Default "Kirk, I agree with Joe, bu


    I agree with Joe, but you won't know what the cost will be until the engine has been taken apart and thoroughly inspected. The price could climb higher than the figure you are working with now.

    I believe that the engine you have does not have steel cylinder sleeves. Instead, the cylinder walls are chrome over aluminum. If the pistons
    are usable I would advise you to consider having the block sleeved. Then you can use your standard pistons. Even though it costs about $200 per cylinder to have it sleeved, it saves you the money of buying oversized pistons, which cost about $175.

    I have done this many times when rebuilding these V-six Mercs, and the finished product is far better than new in my opinion.

    You have to remember, if you choose this option, to use piston rings intended for use with steel sleeves, and not the pistons rings designated for your engine.


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