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    Default "Hello, The problem exactly


    The problem exactly is so: when we put throttle to full, boat goes up to 2800 – 2900 than compressor switch on/off/on/off... rpm goes 2800, 2900, 2800,2900… and when I help them boat with trim + some change direction (weight from left to right and back…), in one moment goes through and we can reach 3400 – 3600 rpm.
    But without ‘help’ is still ‘staying’ on 2800 – 2900, change only rpm between these values, switch compressor on/off/on/off and that is……

    We change already fuel filters, air filters, belts, fuel/water separator filer, sea filter is cleaned and is still same, absolutely no change... no errors in diagnose... nothing..

    Maybe somebody can help us,
    Thanks in advance

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    Default "Remove the crankshaft positio

    "Remove the crankshaft position sensor (located on the top of the bellhousing ) check for bits of rust or metal stuck on the magnet. If you have had a leak in the u joint bellows and water has gotten into the flywheel housing rusting the flywheel -- it will confuse the sensor and drive you nuts ! Only cure is pull engine ,remove flywheel and bead blast to bare metal, then spray paint with a clear paint."

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    Default "Sorry BJs, i cannot find the

    "Sorry BJs,
    i cannot find the crankshaft position sensor...


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    Default "Hi, ok, i find the sensor, w

    ok, i find the sensor, was only dirty, no rust no metal stuck, flywheel w/o rust but dirty with oil emulsion (??)
    Today we have strong weather, so i can sail tomorrow.
    Why You mean that my problem is caused by this sensor?


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    Default "I check today, same situation

    "I check today, same situation, no difference


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    Default "Why I sugested checking RPM s

    "Why I sugested checking RPM sensor is that when it gets confused by bits of metal the siginals between it and the injector sensor dodn,t compute in the EDC so strange things happen.
    On rereading your post other thoughts come to mind. First is what if any changes to the boat as in additional weight , prop change to much pitch, fouled bottom, If all is well with the boat , Why is it having a hard time to get to full power.Assuming all cylinders are working, (a compression test and load test will vertify this ) When the compressor is off the turbo should take over. But it sounds like you are not getting to the rpm required to allow for it to work.
    No fault codes means to me that it is a vessel problem or a mechanical one.
    A bit of history leading up to the failure might be helpful, also a discription of the boat,
    Compression tests will give you a lot of information as will injector service.
    As a point of intrest is there any signs of water under the weep hole under the inter cooler, water injection into the air intake due to a leaking intercooler core can play havoc on a egine.

    yours BJ"

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    Default "We have had this on our very

    "We have had this on our very similar KAD32 engines. The issue was once to do with a leaky intake manifold where the bolts had come loose a few months after it had been off for some service work (poor workmanship by the mechanic most likely). The 2nd time it was a problem with the turbo not producing enough boost. The turbo was out of spec and hence it was not producing enough boost to take over from the supercharger when it cut off. The feedback from our 'non-volvo' turbo mechanic was that these volvo turbos are not great and this is quite a common problem. A boost gauge connected to the intake manifold will soon tell you if this might be the problem. If the boost is within spec when the supercharger is running and then drops out of spec after the supercharger cuts off then the Trubo is probably the problem. If the boost is low all the time even with the supercharger running then you may have an intake leak. If you suspect the turbo, the turbo needs to come off and the clearances checked.
    Just another reason to hate KAD32's and KAD44's!"

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    Default "the exhaust turbine blades ha

    "the exhaust turbine blades have too much clearance to the casing of the turbo, hence the turbo not working down at low revs on cutover from blower- replace turbo-"

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    Default "I have similar turbo trouble

    "I have similar turbo trouble with my kad 42s the boat will rev to 3200 but no more. Then, periodically, the superchargers will come in and give the boat a lovely boost to 4000rpm.
    I will have the turbos removed and both engines tested but.. can these superchargers run constantly or will there be a big bang?
    I have them on a switch at the moment as I could not cope with the intermittent on/off, and run them until about 2500, can I run them at full power 4000rpm? also I need a good mechanic in the North Wales area if anyone knows one! Cheers"

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    Default "Hef, the superchargers can r

    the superchargers can run up to that speed no probs, but at that rpm the turbo's should be fully spooled up and producing enough boost to take over from the supercharger. If you run the supercharger flat out with the turbo's you could provide too much boost and engine damage could result!"

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