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    Default "installed a new prop and as i

    "installed a new prop and as i was tightening it i had the motor shifted in reverse and all of a sudden the prop slipped, spins both ways in reverse, tried shifting it in fwd and reverse and seems like it holds a little better but still can spin it by hand if i try, reverse gears bad??"

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    Default "motor is trimmed all the way

    "motor is trimmed all the way up while i was doing changing the prop, could it be that cable needs adjustment only? doesn't seem to grab like when in fwd gear."

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    Default "Not likely the gears. When y

    "Not likely the gears.
    When you are in fwd the prop will be able to turn CW with a ratcheting sound, but should lock solid when you turn it CCW.
    Vice versa when you are in reverse.

    Your lower shift cable may need adjustment if reverse will not hold.

    I would try running it on muffs and see how it shifts before getting too panicky. Sometimes they won't hold a gear very well with the leg trimmed all the way up, which I suspect is where it was when you were installing the prop?

    Best procedure for torquing the prop nut BTW is to block the prop against the cavitation plate with a short piece of 2 x 4. You should not use reverse gear for this, in my opinion.


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    Default "i'll try in the AM thanks

    "i'll try in the AM thanks, i'll post my results, if it is the cable adjustment how hard is it to adjust?"

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    Default "It's easy to adjust, you

    "It's easy to adjust, you just remove a cotter pin and a 1/4" nut, slide the assy. out of it's bracket and thread the keeper ahead or back a couple of threads. Have someone turn the prop by hand slowly while you put it in forward and reverse. You should find a happy medium. Make sure you adjust the cable going to the OD not the one to your controls."

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    Default "Hi, You've probably al


    You've probably already figured this out but I had a similar problem putting on a replacement prop...I forgot to take the locking bushing out of the removed prop and when I tightened the prop nut and took off, the boat hardly moved. I thought my drive gears were toast but it turns out I didn't put that bushing type device in the replacement. It spins by hand either way if you don't but the prop feels tight."

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