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    Default "I have a Volvo Penta 2003 die

    "I have a Volvo Penta 2003 diesel engine that the starter motor is gone bad. The solenoid is bad, the starter motor does not turn when applying 12v directly to it. I found the schematics for it on MarinePart***press.com and I was wondering if it possible to buy replacement parts to overhaul the starter motor. The cost of replacing the whole starter is about $900.00 USD. The starter is made by Valeo. Does anyone know of a Valeo dealer?"

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    Default "All the pats listed separatel

    "All the pats listed separately should be available.

    I don't know if this is useful http://www.largiader.com/tech/valeo/

    In the UK the standard advice would be to take it to an automobile electrician"

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    Default "Thanks VicS, I was able to

    "Thanks VicS,

    I was able to find a new direct Valeo starter replacement on eBay for 216.00 USD. I will try to overhaul the old starter, if I can get the parts reasonably here in the US, and have it as a spare."

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    Default "My starter (reverse rotat

    "My starter (reverse rotation) died recently. I found an aftermarket replacement start online for $175. Volvo wanted about $900. I had though about trying to rebuild it myself, but not being an expert, I decided to have it rebuilt given my desire to just get it done.

    I had used Browning's Alternator and Starter in Virginia Beach, VA in the past for my father's boat and they did a great job. I shipped my starter to them and in 3 days, it was ready. They charged me $135 for the job. When I was down there to pick it up, they showed me the old parts and where it had failed (a plastic ring). They had rebuilt it completely with a better quality of parts other than Valeo. They said the Valeo parts are 'average' quality and prone to failure more so than some of the other parts they could get.

    One thing I noticed was how quickly and much power the starter turned over the motor. Night and day difference.

    Bronwing's is at (757) 460-6085. I have no affiliation or get any kick-backs. Just thought I'd pass on a great experience with a shop that REALLY KNOWS what their doing!"

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