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    Default "HI! I have 1978 85hp evinrude

    "HI! I have 1978 85hp evinrude rebuilt carbs changed coils-cdi,s plugs and wires linkedge works great,go out on lake halls.Drop thotle to low runs fine. Go back to full throtle seems to run on all four cilinders,but at half the speed!Then once in a while hammer down,halls.I also noticed sometimes it dies for no reason,fires right up run great for a long time. Does this sound like the stator? Isnt thier somthing els under the flywheel Thanks!I dont have alot of money I got this engine and a 19 foot deep v Regal for$800 buck love them both!!"

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    Default "do a spark test,compression t

    "do a spark test,compression test,and ck your fuel system for blockage/restriction and water.any melting on stator?...the other item is the timer base under flywheel.are the carbs absolutely clean...and JETS in bottom?..new parts in them?..try squeezing the primer bulb,next time this happens,and see if it makes a diff."

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    Default "Thanks for your ideas! Did a

    "Thanks for your ideas! Did a spark test and comp test. Fuel tank is new,all new lines. Tryed sqeezing primer ball no change im scared to take off the flywweel,i dont know how i would get the timing right. I dont see eny melted wires,but like I said I havent taken off the flywheel. The flywheel nut is really rusty eny ideas Thanks for the help!!!"

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