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    Default "Here is what I have so far.

    "Here is what I have so far.
    it is a 1956 Monty Wards Sea King (I think a company made Gale made these)
    it is model number 35GG-9015A.

    I have taken apart the lower end, and relubricated after the transmission? started to slip. After reassembley, I no longer have Nuetral, but I do not need it, this motor is not equiped with reverse. The forward gear seems fine now.

    I have inspected the coils and plugs, the motor is running on both cylinders for sure, I verfied this by uplugging the plugs while the motor was running, both kept the engine turning over.

    I am pretty sure that the carb needs adjustment, but I am not sure how to do this. I have no expirience with outboards, nor 2 cycle engines, but I can rebuild a lawnmower engine all day. There is a Lean/Rich adjustment screw on the side of the carb as well as a dial on the front of the motor. I did not see an idle screw, this is where I beleive it may need adjustment. The motor seems to run best if you turn the dial a little bit more to the lean side, if you run it too lean it stalls. When I crank it up to full throttle, I dont think it is coming up to full RPMs. Any ideas on how I can get more preformance out of this motor? I have it strapped to a 10' Jon Boat and as of right now, I would be lucky if I was making 5 knots accross the water. I was able to get the same performance out of a 1.2 hp gamefisher my dad used to have."

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    Default "Yes, your motor was made by t

    "Yes, your motor was made by the Gale division of OMC. It is a 1953 5 horsepower. Chances are that the settings on the carb were close to where they needed to be the last time it was run. I'd concentrate on cleaning the carburetor, and changing whatever gaskets you can. The old gaskets may not stand up to the chemicals in some of today's fuels. I'd also check the compression on the motor. I'm not sure what it should be on that particular motor, but if one cylinder was way off (I'm assuming it's a 2 cylinder), you'd know you had a problem. I'd also make sure that it is pumping lots of water. Sorry if this is to vague, but I hope it helps."

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