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    Default "Here is another issue that I

    "Here is another issue that I noticed while out on Saturday. In the picture you will see where the leak from near the block/head seam has made its way to the bell housing. The bubbling doesn't appear until approx 3000RPM's. Any suggestions?

    Bubbling from block/head seam

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    Default "I could not really tell anyth

    "I could not really tell anything diagnostic from pic, but oil from near head/block seam usually means a head gasket leak. However oil leaks are very sneaky and do not always show an exact trail to the source (exception - using a fluorescent dye marker) it could also come from a valve cover gasket leak. I'd check these areas very closely."

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    Default Looks like a "rust thru

    Looks like a "rust thru" from a long time leak. Head gasket?
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    I Donno,... I can't tell what I'm lookin' at, nor Where...."
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