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    Default "hi the ? i have is i have a 1

    "hi the ? i have is i have a 15 hp game fisher model # 217586351 it is a tecumseh motor what is happening is one, i cand get the primer bulb tight of the tank when i pump it up. two, when i get it running it revs up and stalls out. three when i do get it running i look at the fuel line and i see the fuel jumping in and out like it sucks it up and then stops does anyone think the float and nedle and seat should be changed and this would fix the prob"

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    Default fuel pump diaphram needs repla

    fuel pump diaphram needs replaced and i would rebuild the carb also
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    Default I have a 1989 sears [force] 15

    I have a 1989 sears [force] 15 hp gamefisher and I am not getting any spark from either plug. Any suggestions and where parts can be obtained would be greatly appreaciated

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