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Thread: Trim release

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    Default "i have 1990 120hp force outbo

    "i have 1990 120hp force outboard and the trim /tilt is locked all the way down. Is there a power trim/tilt release (and where) so i can at least trailer the boat? I do hear a clicking noise when i push the trim up button but nothing happens, the clicking tells me it probably is not a relay issue. Am i correct in that thought? There is also an unresolved leaking seal issue which causes the motor to drop on its own. Could that be the main problem?"

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    Default "Some general info off the net

    "Some general info off the net........

    Chrysler Force Power Trim & Tilt repair
    Chrysler Force outboard engines 70-150HP, 1966-1995 Generally speaking a well maintained Chysler Force Power Trim and Tilt system is good for about 15 years with oil and 12 years with ATF.
    Topping off your fluid
    If your fluid is low then the system will raise to certain level and stop. Prestolite systems should be topped off with the engine lowered. Mercury systems should be topped off with the engine tilted. If your existing fluid is red then use ATF. If your existing fluid is not red then use non-detergent 30W motor oil or ISO32 hydraulic oil.
    Bleeding out air bubbles
    The system is self bleeding. There are no issues associated with air bubbles in cylinders. Top off the resevoir and cycle the system up/down a few times. If your problem remians then it is something else.
    System bleeds down
    Fully tilt the engine and block into place.
    Remove oil tube from bottom of tilt cylinder and plug the hole with a 3/16" inverted flare plug
    (standard brake fitting available from any auto parts store)
    Remove blocking from engine and observe
    If engine bleeds down then the lift cylinder is bad. If engine does not bleed down then the pump is bad.
    The pump motor quit, runs slow, or only runs in one direction.
    The motor rarely wears out. Check the relays and wiring first. If it goes in only one direction then swap the relay connections and see if the problem is reversed. The pump motor draws a lot of amperage - especially the 3w models. If the pump is running slow then check to make sure that all electrical feeds are clean and secure. If the motor quit running then it is probably due to rust or oil. The seals break down and debris can cause the brushes to loose contact with armature. Sometimes you can open the motor and blow it clean. Reassemble with new seals not silicon sealant. If it is rusty then you should get the pump rebuilt by someone who will bead blast the inside of motor collar.
    The trim cover top ring is coming out
    carefully clean out any debris and reseat the ring by driving it back down with a socket and mallet. Make four indentations into the surrounding aluminum with a punch to hold it in place"

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