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    Default "I recently purchased a small

    "I recently purchased a small 14' jon boat boat powered by a Suzuki DT25 outboard engine. I know very little about outboard engines, but the seller informed me that he had had it completely overhauled within the last year. Upon inspection, the entire guts of the engine looked virtually brand new to me.

    On our first outing with the boat, everything ran perfectly and we had no problems. On the second outing, the temperature light on the engine came on and the engine would not maintain its high end RMPs for more than 5-10 seconds. The engine cranks fine in neutral and then runs fine at full throttle for 5-10 seconds when it then seems to choke down, bog-down, etc and only seems to run at ~30-40% of normal speed. During all of this, the temperature light is on, although the engine does not feel very hot to the touch and water is being expelled out the back of the engine by the water pump.

    I've read the manual and found an entry describing a switch on the engine that cuts the total engine RPMs down to 3000 if it senses that something is overheating. This sort of seems like what my engine is doing. I have not checked the actual temperature of the engine block yet, but I would think that if I can touch it, then it's not overheating that much.

    Has anyone else experienced similar issues or have any input on my problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated."

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    Default test the temp sensor on the to

    test the temp sensor on the top of head



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