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    Default "Ive recently purchased a 1955

    "Ive recently purchased a 1955 Scott-Atwater 7.5Hp Bail-A-Matic. It appears to be in fantastic shape. Very little hours at all and well stored. Very few scratches and extremly clean.

    Heres the problem: No Spark
    its been sitting for awhile so I figure maybe the points need aadjusting or perhaps i need to replace the condensers. Although Ive never actually done any of this before it seems pretty easy once the flywheel is off.

    This is the main problem. I cant get the damn flywheel off. Ive tried using a few different pullers. Tapping with hammer, penetrating oil, even a puller with a large slide hammer. No luck i seriously dont know what to do! Please help i almost feel like there is something else im should be doing.

    i removed everything on top of the flywheel and replaced the nut so as not to damage the threads. Even so after ever attempt with the various pullers i notice slight wear on the nut. I dont know how much more it can take and i dont want to damage the crankshaft.

    Any help would be appreciated."

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    Default "[url=""][email protected]water

    "[email protected]. contact the scott guy between 6pm and 10pm or email him at this email address. the phone number is 315-298-5708
    he can help you if no one else can."
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