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    Default "It's me again guys....Do

    "It's me again guys....Do you check the B/W Velvet Drives fluid level while running or off? I know that it must be done with fluid hot. I am thinking the engine must be off...correct or not? Also, the motor rebuild is complete and new oil pump and seal in the transmission...thanks for all your previous help."

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    Default "I just had a velved drive reb

    "I just had a velved drive rebuilt over the winter myself, The best way to check it is to let the unit get to operating temp, then have someone ready by the dipstick, shut the motor down, and have that person immediately pull the dipstick clean it then put it back in and check it. This has to be done as quick as possible because the fluid will flow back into the trans from the oil cooler and lines. Add fluid and repeat till its right. Then let the boat sit overnite, pull the dipstick, and note where it is cold, you can then file a small mark onto the stick and that will be your cold level."

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    Default "I have one of my engines (

    "I have one of my engines (440) out right now. The Velvet Drive transmission seemed fine before the removal, but what does it take to inspect the tranny? I figure I better do that while it's out. Should I have it rebuilt? I have no idea when it was done last. What will tell me that it needs to be rebuilt? How much would I expect to pay?"

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    I just had my velvet drive rebuilt for $500 by a transmission shop that used to be a warranty center for B/W. You have to take it to them. Otherwise a full rebuild by a marine shop usually prices out around $895. The shop is called Jim Jennings transmissions on eastern blvd. in Es*** Maryland. My main clue was that it leaked at the seals. Otherwise it seemed to run fine. The shop said that it was a mess and they were surprised that I had no problems. Save your self the headaches and at least get it inspected (probably $100)."

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    Default "Wayne, A couple downloadabl

    A couple downloadable manuals here .......


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