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    Default "My previous posts asked about

    "My previous posts asked about the reliability of the D3 series of engines and whether it was wise for me to purchase one for use in an area where there are no Volvo dealers within 3000 miles. So far the advice I got is that the D3 series are problematic and therefore not recommended for where I live.

    So now what? I can't continue to use my 22 year old AQAD40. It is getting 'tired' and too costly to maintain. Can anyone recommend a newer engine in the same range of 160 - 200 HP that is reliable and can be easily maintained?

    Thanks in advance, Eric"

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    Default "Hello. I don't have an an

    "Hello. I don't have an answer for your question, but I am interested in purchasing your AQAD40. Please get back with me if you want to sell it, whole or in parts. Thanks!"

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    Default "Hello! The next generation


    The next generation after AQ AD40 is AQ D41 They already have direct injection and 200HP. After this engine come out engines KAD 42, KAD 43 KAD300 and KAD 400. ALL this engines are 3600 ccm builded on similar engine base like yours old AQAD40. All of this engines are more heavyer than D3. If you want to buy newer reliable engine for longlasting using, than you should check D4.
    Anyway Iam also interested for buying your old AQAD40 whole or in parts.

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