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    Default "Goo Roo, Well what a coincide

    "Goo Roo, Well what a coincidence, i bought this P.O.S. from you.invoice #w9755 and lets copy what your reciept says: "NO RETURNS,NO EXCHANGES, NO EXCEPTIONS, OUTBOARD MOTORS CANNOT BE RETURNED FOR ANY REASON". Explain??"

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    Default "Explain what? That you can re

    "Explain what? That you can read? I checked our records on your first post and we have never sold anything to a Fritz Andrews. I didn't know you were using a fake name. I do know that your you have lied that your engine is new. We both know the date you bought it now and we both know that you have never contacted us about your engine. Frankly, its pretty obvious you don't want any help. You want to complain, belittle, libel and cry to the world that you have a bad outboard. Why you choose this path is beyond me as one phone call from you would have resulted in taking care of your problem. And as rude as you have been...I'm still willing to help you. But, this is the last time I'll make the offer. If you have a legitimate complaint I'll take care of it for you. So be civil, be polite and explain the events without the B.S. If that's too much for you do then you have a bigger problem than your outboard."
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    Default "} Yes, as a matter of fact


    Yes, as a matter of fact that is what you wrote."

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    Default "Oct 10 Fritz wrote: "Or

    "Oct 10 Fritz wrote:
    "Or be like me and float for days on end yelling mayday over your VHF because of a bad motor"

    Yes, as a matter fact that is what you wrote."

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    Default "Chuck, Your correct and i w

    "Chuck, Your correct and i will agree that the problems today could be this gas that they are selling us. Small engines wont tolerate alcohol for long. Go green! I just put a Minnkota 40lb of thrust electric on my 20' sailboat, 1500lb boat, and am doing 3.7 mph! Make it a twin and you'll put those 3.5 Tohatsuck's in your wake.Full speed is 6.5 for those little jinx motors on a boat my size."

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    Default "hey fritz as a stated before

    "hey fritz as a stated before that motor is peice in my opinion but nissan/tohatsu makes some good motors the tldi's are better than evinrude thats all i say about them ill stay with my 50d2 atleast if it breaks i can probaly fix it on the water the four stroke 4 5 6 are better than the 3.5 but still have small orifaces and clog easy i personally would never run anything current model engines i like older, better, and simple things if you needand outboard id get an older 2 stroke tohatsu there bullet proof (tohatsu guru doesnt work with tohatsu he just sells them and services local stuff i hope me telling you that gets it to you) im dont really like the internet revolution i think its put motors in peoples hands that shouldnt have them and when they finally screw it up or have issues they blame the makers of the product and not the true probelm (sometimes motors are messed up from the factory dont get me worng you might have one) but 50 percent of my warranty claim are for stupidity one guy about a month ago had a 90 tdli said the fuel pump went bad warranty replaced twice everytime but i found nothing wrong turns out the guy doesnt pump his primer bulb says he never had too what a dumba$$"

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