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Thread: Exhaust smell

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    Default "I have a 260HP Merc Alpha I o

    "I have a 260HP Merc Alpha I on a 220 Searay. I have owned it 3 years. Engine runs strong, idles well and has no performance issues. However, at idle, either at the dock or coming into the dock, I am getting a strong exhaust smell. I have changed plugs, pick up coil,rotor, cap, and checked the timing and plug wires. All that checked out well. Next, I checked the choke, it was open. I changed the water filter. Still no luck. The smell seems to be coming from the rear of the boat, not from the engine compartment. It just started last summer. I did notice that the exhaust comes up against the transom, and not from the hub of the prop at idle. Not sure if this is normal. I am about out of things to check. Anyone ever had a similar problem??"

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    Default "Exhaust smell depends on the

    "Exhaust smell depends on the wind direction when my 4.3L is at idle. You may have a hole in the rubber exhaust tube or bellows. Check all the bellows. Mine are 3 yrs. old. If yours are near 10 or more yrs. old, time for a complete bellows set change. Not cheap."
    Fix minor things (replace wear items for preventative maintenance.) that cause major problems before they break.

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    Default "Some exhaust smell coming fro

    "Some exhaust smell coming from the exterior transom area seems normal. I have observed this all my life in just about every boat. I catch it also when starting up at the dock as the exhaust rises from the water and the wind blows it into the dock, and also while backing out. Once underway, no odor."

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    Default "Sounds like your exhaust bell

    "Sounds like your exhaust bellows is shot.
    You can check this easily with the drive fully up and turned to one side.

    The exhaust bellows is the one thats about 2-1/2 inches diameter, below the much larger upper one.
    If its ruptured, your exhaust will come out there at low speeds, instead of your prop.

    The good news is that other than an inconvenience, it won't hurt anything. You can run like that indefinitely.


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    Default My uncle had a 33' Carver

    My uncle had a 33' Carver with twin 350's. Just by design the back of the boat would fill with exhaust fumes while underway. You could not stand in the back while cruising or you would probably pass out from OX poisoning. I'm glad he got rid of that one.

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