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    Default ok bear with me... bought engi

    ok bear with me... bought engine hadn't run in 3 years.. I was advised to change impeller and rebuild carbs ... motor will run so carbs ok .. but when i started engine in a barrel of water let it run then i heard hot horn go off so turned it off ... took lower unit down and looked in houseing no water not a drop.. but impeller was torn up bad and melted housing .. so i have just ordered new houseing and punp kit from this site ( very helpfull people ) and don't want to happen agian (100.00 mistake).please tell what i did or didn't do or is there something that i should also check ..I am a rookie at boat motors .. I was told that the cause was i put in a barrel full of water (above inlet ports) that it could not pump water it was just pumping exhust gases it was boiling the water out of barrel (not in gear) was told I should have put the clamp things on with hose to it .. is this true ? thanks to all that respond... chuck

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    Default "Buy an exhaust muff and run i

    "Buy an exhaust muff and run it off your garden hose. If running water is not available make sure the lower unit is submerged into the water at lease very close to the bracket on the stern.
    Very important you will need to remove and clean the thermostats and inside of the block as much as you can, you must check for pieces of rubber from the broken impeller may have worked its way up the water tube and can clog the water flow in the block and tubes. Observe if the engine is “peeing” a very hard and constantly.
    I have seen disaster happens clogs in the water line.
    Use a compressor when the lower unit is off and blow air back from the pee hole if you can (remove thermostats first). Using your manual be sure to insert the impeller correctly and for the correct rotation.
    Good luck"

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    Default thanks for response andrew .

    thanks for response andrew ... i will check for impellar pieces and i did have water up to stern bracket.. I know that the inside of the pump was dry like it never got water in it .. i took water hoses of or cylinder head not one drop came out not even moist so can pieces still det up there ?

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    Default i have lower unit off now wait

    i have lower unit off now waiting for parts to come ... any thing i can check while i wait?..

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    Default The fact no water was anywhere

    The fact no water was anywhere is because you did not have an impeller to pump any water base on your post. As for checks you can do in the mean time do the air and cleaning i mentioned before. the last thing you wanted to do is to have to remove the lower unit once you install it . Use a flash light and look up the lower unit make sure the water tube is clear. Also use a compressor and blow air backwards from the pee hole have someone help you. listen for air or you will feel it coming out the lower tube. Simple stuff saves you lots of time..

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    Default sorry maybe used wrong words .

    sorry maybe used wrong words .... should have said impellar was melted to inside of houseing but was intacked.. and i will try the other stuff you said.... thanks

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