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    Default "Hope someone can help me? My

    "Hope someone can help me? My 1968 merc thunderbolt 100hp. Motor starts and runs fine out of the water, dosent sound like it is missing or anything like that, but when i put it in the water. I can hammer the throttle you can feel the motor comming up to rpm's as soon as the boat starts to plane about 5 seconds or so the motor just drops rpm almost to an idle. you can hold it full throttle it sounds to be running about 1000 rpm's. Pull it back to neutral let it idle for a few seconds, push the throttle full again rpms start to clime to around 3500 to 4000 then motor drop rpms again back to idle even thou the throttle is wide open. Any help would be greatly appricated"

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    Default look at your distrubor while s

    look at your distrubor while someone is moving throttle sound like butterfys are openibg and then closing when dist is at full advance have you check compression in all 6 cyl?

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    Default "thanks for the responce shawn

    "thanks for the responce shawn, But it was my primmer ball check or something was bad. carbs where running out of gas. changed ball runs great now"

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