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    Default I just got a 7.5 horse wards s

    I just got a 7.5 horse wards seaking but I dont know what year it is and where I can find parts so if you can help it would be apreciated
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    Default "Wards obtained their outboard

    "Wards obtained their outboards from a number of engine builders over the years.

    Your particular model was built in 1983 by a company called Eska. Eska, like Wards is now out of business, but here's the good news. Eska bought their powerheads from Tecumseh. So your "motor" on your outboard was also used on thousands of lawnmowers/snowblowers/tillers etc.

    Tecumseh being still very much in business and supported by thousands of small engine shops can provide you with most of the parts you may need for the powerhead. The Tecumseh model number for the engine is TEC 640-21

    Any other parts may be somewhat difficult to come by, but Eska used alot of generic parts - so the lower unit was probably identical to ones used by OMC on their smaller outboards of the same vintage...."

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