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    Default "I have a 1982 OMC outboard 23

    "I have a 1982 OMC outboard 235hp would anyone have a chart as to what the compression should read? Many thanks,Kitty any information on this would really be great. thanks,Kitty please email me"

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    Default "Kitty, if you post up in the

    "Kitty, if you post up in the OMC section you may get an exact answer.

    In general, most compression gauges are not all that accurate unless regularly calibrated, but mostly we look for any reading over about 100 psi, but more importantly, not more than 10% discrepancy between cylinders.

    So for example, 98, 102, 106 etc would be considered fine - 98, 60, 102 etc would indicate a problem with number 2 cylinder..."

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