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    Default "Just started to restore a 196

    "Just started to restore a 1969 Renkin w/ a 1969 Johnson33 motor, found the steering cables are all knotted and twisted, pulleys and cables are ok need to know where I will find a diagram so I know how to "restring" cables so the will work correctly. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default "I also had this problem I loo

    "I also had this problem I looked around for diagrams and couldn't find anything clear. I found a posting on it though so I cut and pasted it so here it is and hopefully it helps you:

    A boat repair manual for an older outboard boat will explain it and have pictures. Something like a 1971 glastron or really about anything from the 70's or early 80's.

    It's pretty basic .It requires a piece of 3/16 or 1/4 inch plastic laminated cable. Measure from the steering wheel to the back of the boat. You want a piece of cable twice that long plus about 10 feet.
    On the back of the steering wheel, behind the dash you will find a spool with groves in it and a couple of holes. Double the cable over and have someone hold the center of the cable. Get under the dash with the ends of the cable. Run the ends of the cable thru the holes from the inside of the spool. Pull the ends all the way thru until the center of the cable is against the inside of the spool. Now starting at the center of the spool, wrap the cable around the spool in opposite directions. It will rest in the groves and by the groves, you should be able to tell which side is which. You want to wrap it so that both cables come off the top of the spool after it's wrapped. One end toward each side of the boat. Now you will either need a helper or a roll of duct tape to hold the cable on the spool.
    With the cable secured, so it can't unwind from the spool, find a pulley under each side of the dashboard near the wall of the boat. Run the end of each cable thru the pulley and fish it along the top of the wall to the back of the boat. Do not secure it in any way along the sides. At the back corners, you'll find two more pulleys ( top of wall close to corners). Run the cables thru those pulleys and out the holes on either side of the motor. Run the cables from front to back thru the pulleys on the motor. Then run the cables thru the end of the springs that are attached to the boat on either side of the motor. Pull the cables relatively tight and secure the cable to itself with a cable clamp. At this point you should have a foot or two extra cable on each side. Now turn your steering wheel 2 ˝ to 3 turns to one side. Then turn it back the same amount and a little more or less until the wheel is centered. Now go to the back of the boat and loosen the cable clamps and center the motor. With the wheel and the motor centered, pull the cables tight and clamp them. Try the steering. It should turn the same amount, left and right. When you turn it left the front of the motor should turn to the right and vice versa. Look at the spool and make sure the cables are pretty even. If everything is OK, then cut the excess cable off the ends. You should have about 4 to 6 inches of cable thru the springs and they should be clamped about 2 to 3 inches from the springs."

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