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    Default "I am having trouble separatin

    "I am having trouble separating the power head from the lower unit on an ESKA 7 aircooled outboard. I removed the 6 capscrews holding the motor to the lower column and expected to be able to lift the motor off easily, but no dice. Does this mean I need to get to the clutch to release it from the motor drive shaft, or am I missing something else? Thanks in advance for helping me."

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    Default disassemble the lower gear dri

    disassemble the lower gear drive where the prop. is and pull the drive gear out with the motor so you wont have problems getting it back together
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    Default I have a 3hp air cooled Tomos

    I have a 3hp air cooled Tomos outboard does anyone know the correct petoil mixture ratio bearing in mind modern lubricates?

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