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Thread: Eska impeller

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    Default "I have a Eska 7 hp air cooled

    "I have a Eska 7 hp air cooled outboard motor mnodel 1707. I need to replace the impeller. I have the owner's manual with schematics, but need specifics on how to change it. Thanks for any help."

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    Default Just a shot in the dark: I hav

    Just a shot in the dark: I have an engine like that but need a carburator. Do you know where I could could get one.?

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    Default "We have Eska Parts, impellers

    "We have Eska Parts, impellers, carburetor kits, propellers, etc, in on on-line store - www.BoatSportAndTackle.com. If we don't have the item listed you need, we can probably get it for you. Check us out!"

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    Default "try e-bay, its cheaper"

    "try e-bay, its cheaper"
    Every day is a new day.....GO FISHIN


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    Default I need a fuel tank for 3.? hor

    I need a fuel tank for 3.? horse eska motor not gonna be picky on the color Mine has pin hole all over. If anyone has an extra laying around drop me an email Thanks bush

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    Default "if no luck, there's also

    "if no luck, there's also the option of using the tank coatings used for motorcycles....Kreem is one brand name....if done properly with etching surface 1st, these work pretty well.

    also, if it's like my 3.5, it has a fitting for hose from external tank....connector is readily available, std Force/Chrysler....be sure to clean ball check valve as these can gum up"

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    Default "Cary, please check out my eba

    "Cary, please check out my ebay item # 220357049746 i have your gas tank along with many other sears gamefisher eska etc parts... bob"

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    Default sanford's goodies on ebay.

    sanford's goodies on ebay. he is very helpful and has lot's of parts

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