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    Default "Hi, Sorry to ask another q


    Sorry to ask another question but yoar all just so helpful!

    When I got this project boat there was oil in the drive shaft bellows so presumed the oil seal / carrier (# 29 in this diagram http://www.iboats.com/mall/image/view/2/7/643_2.jpg" ) was shot. Having stripped the drive shaft bearing assembly it appears that the oil seal is a pretty good fit with no pitting or scoring on the shaft either.

    Has anyone seen these leak without being obviously worn are they normally a very tight fit as this is already a reasonable fit and the spring around it is ok.

    On another related point I did also notice that the front shaft around the front gimbal bearing seal is pitted (just about the point the #37 arrow points to on that picture).

    I presume that this is just a dust / moisture type seal to stop dirt entering into the driveshaft assembly (as I understand it there should be no oil in the drive bellows and thus no oil either side of this seal). Whilst in an ideal world it would be nice to replace the shaft, I have to draw the financial line somewhere and stop trying to make this engine like new, so am I correct in thinking that this shouldnt cause any major problems just becuase it wouldn't make a water/oil tight seal there?

    many thanks!


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    Default Oil in the bellows can only co

    Oil in the bellows can only come from the drive shaft seals. Change them all on reassembly.
    Make sure the shims go back in correctly and make sure you do the specified preload on the bearing pack.

    Minor pitting on the shaft is no big deal; it just means that the shaft and gimbal have been wet on one or more occasions. I would be sure to change the gimbal bearing.


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