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    Default "Had new pistons and rings put

    "Had new pistons and rings put in and motor ran like a top for 10 hours then I returned to the lake and motor ran fine at half trottle but when I floor it to plane nothing happens,took it back to mechanic who rebuilt my engine and he said the trigger was shorted and replaced it and one of the power packs,and cleaned the carb.I took boat back to the lake,starts good and ran good at half trottle and when I gave it full trottle to plane same old thing nothing happens,just like there is no fire or fuel,mechanic is puzzled now.Do you have any advice?"

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    Default "those carbs,..should have bee

    "those carbs,..should have been rebuilt,upon overhaul......sounds like u may have gotten a 'short' overhaul...which means,...fixed only the obvious bad/broken parts,..and kick him out the door,....this is why so many people,can quote a cheap,..overhaul price......and thats,exactly what a person gets.that mech,..should either put it on a dyno,...lake test it w/without you,..or tank test it so he can see exactly what it is doing...no,..ign parts,are not always repl during an overhaul,and u could be having ign issues.looks like,he is just throwing parts at it,....and THIS,.should make u wonder about the internals,and quality of work,therin.....hope u got a written warranty..."

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