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    Default "Based on a recommendation in

    "Based on a recommendation in an earlier post I would like to know if there is an advantage to change to an electric choke? I have a 1989 Slickcraft with a MCM 5.7L Mercruiser and a 4MC Rochester carbureture Mercury No. 1347-9662. This is a project boat and I have never taken on such a large project. The engine is a remanufactured long block. I had to change to an after-market intake manifold and the relationship of the carb to the mounting surface of the choke coil required major adjustment of the choke rod. The engine is running great and the choke appears to be working properly. However, if there is an advanatage to changing to an electric choke then I would consider doing it.
    Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
    Guy, Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the quick response."

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    Default "If it's working, don'

    "If it's working, don't fix it. My opinion.


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