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    Default a wire rubbing against somethi

    a wire rubbing against something(metal)or frayd. a wire could be broke inside insulation giving an intermitten power failure orgetting a supply of power. just have to look at all wires and see if any frayd or rubbing against something. just a thought. had same problem on my car just jiggled wires till it died. it was a pickup in dist. wire broke internally.

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    Default "that seems like the best advi

    "that seems like the best advice yet...i had an old omc electric shift out drive and it would sometimes pop out of gear..it was electrical all right and damn near impossible to find because the insulation on the wire looked fine but when i picked it up i noticed it sorta "drooped."... sure enuf ,the connection inside was nearly non existant"

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    Default Did you check the switch in th

    Did you check the switch in the gear shift?

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