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    Default "The above lower unit oil is s

    "The above lower unit oil is slightly milky, I know this means water in getting in to the lower unit.It began last year after I hit a rock, not much damage. Question, Can I continue to use the motor this way? even if I change the lower gear oil every few weeks or so. Boat not kept in water all the time,
    Can I fix the problem myself. I have a manual but it sure does not look easy to do.. I figure the worst case is that I'll have to replace unit in 2007.

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    Default william' I would not run

    I would not run the unit until you patch it. the water creates alot of friction and it will eat a gear quick. a good aluminum welder could patch it at a machine shop.

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    Default "on that new of an engine,i wo

    "on that new of an engine,i would take it to boat shop,and see where the prob is,and get it fixed properly."

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    Default "Beg, borrow, or steal a lower

    "Beg, borrow, or steal a lower unit pressure tester. After you drain the oil, you pressurize the unit to about 8 pounds, immerse the unit in water, and then you can see where it is leaking from. Mine just got new driveshaft seals as a result. I'm sure I just doubled its life expectancy."

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    Default "Bill, It depends on how mu


    It depends on how much water is getting into the gearcase. If it is just a little bit, and you use a premium gear oil, you could get by. Quicksilver High Performance Gear Oil can tolerate as much as 30% water without any problem.

    On the other hand, it sounds like you probably damaged the prop shaft seals, which can be replaced without taking the gearcase apart. It might be cheaper to do that instead of changing the oil once a week.

    I would agree that it pays to check things out with a pressure tester, but I have seen quite a few units that were obviously taking water, but showed no signs of a leak using a pressure tester.

    We had one that we pumped up and left for an entire day, and it did not lose any pressure at all.


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    Default "I would recommend soap water

    "I would recommend soap water for leak detection, when pressure testing.
    That way, you don't have to wait for a pressure loss. The bubbles will show immediately. A drawback is, if it's a leaking drive shaft or shift shaft seal, you will not be able to spray soap water before taking off the lower unit.

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