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    Default "I've noticed a significan

    "I've noticed a significant leak in my 1995 185 Pro Team bass tracker. It looks like I have a couple rivets leaking. After taking my boat off the lake and parking it in my garage there are a couple of rivets that drip water. If I'm on the water for about an hour water will start to come up through the drains in the floor of the boat. Can rivets cause that big of leak and if so, how can fix the leaking rivets on my boat?
    Please help."

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    Default "Mark, might get some better a

    "Mark, might get some better advice posting this under a misc topic further down.

    However, it's probably not the rivets themself causing the leak. Your boat is 13 years old and constant pounding on the hull can "loosen" the rivets leading to a bit of a gap which will let in water.

    If you can determine where the leak actually exists (water sometimes travels quite a ways along a seam before it drips off) you can drill out the loose rivets, seal the seam with a decent below waterline sealer and re-rivet them.

    Alternately, you may want to take the rig into a boat repair place that specializes in aluminum and let them give you an accessment.."

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    Default "your rivets are brazier head

    "your rivets are brazier head rivets, solid aluminum, and can be installed yourself with the right equipment. bucking bars for the shop head, and a rivet gun with the proper tool head for the machined head. no sealer is necessary when done correctly. To find the leaks, put the boat on the trailer, fill it with some water from the hose and check for leaks. mark the bad or missing rivet with a marker.


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