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    Default "The motor started stalling a

    "The motor started stalling a few years ago. I brought it to a small engine repair shop were they installed a carb kit and fixed a fuel line. The guy noticed erratic spark at that time and suggested I replace the coils. I left it for a year and preceded to search for parts. I found the parts on Sears' site but they're discontinued. Since than I now cannot get a spark at all although the magneto seems to be registering some voltage when cranked. I'm just tring to find some aftermarket parts, if possible [img][/img]

    Model# 217586211
    COIL 7026

    Part # 610785A Coil
    Part # 610958 Magneto


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    Default have you cleaned inside the fl

    have you cleaned inside the flywheel and the magneto brushes and does the coil have a good clean ground?
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    Default "I use coils from Beatrice Cyc

    "I use coils from Beatrice Cycle store
    Coils for CDI, 9.99 each
    It"s working almost two weeks with my Gamefisher 9.9, TECUMSEH 380"

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