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    Default I have a 1972 Wards Sea King w

    I have a 1972 Wards Sea King with a 35hp engine maufactured by montgomerey wards the
    Model # VWB27035A 17X Serial # 20465

    The engine sounds like it runs great it starts right up but the problem is I dont know why theres no water pumping through. The engine will start getting hot so I dont let it run too long but theres a clear hose that fluid maybe run through and nothing is flowing through there. So I want to knw what I should do I was told the water impeller may be bad but where is that located and how do i fix it?

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    Default first of all it would help to

    first of all it would help to find a repair manual. try ebay. your impellor is located in the leg and requires removal of the foot. you might also find an impellor on ebay as well or browse the net and see. its normally not hard to replace.the clear hose depends on where it starts from and does it look like it might come from the block and be the water discharge ( pee ) hose? getting a repair manual will solve a majority of your ?'s
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    Default I havent gone and buy the manu

    I havent gone and buy the manual and the hose running through comes from the block where the spark plugs are so that would be the block. so thats the pee hose? Well Ill try the manual thing first and see from there thanks

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    Default Your motor is a 1970 Chrysler

    Your motor is a 1970 Chrysler built for Wards. A Chrysler manual should provide you with all the info you need....

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