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    Default I have a Merc 4.3 Alpha i/o th

    I have a Merc 4.3 Alpha i/o that hasn't been started in a couple of seasons. It was winterized b/4 storage but I don't want to kill my motor. Sooooooo ... I need some help in the proper steps to bring it back to life. What I found so far is the following:

    1) Replace Battery
    2) Squirt penetrating oil into each cylinder and let it sit overnight
    3) Replace oil / filter
    4) Siphon out old gas and replace with new gas & gas filter
    5) Change plugs
    6) Hand crank motor to make sure it isn't frozen and to lube block
    7) If frozen repeat step 2

    I also read that I needed to replace the head gaskets and all belts but that seems a little much.

    Opening day of boating in Seattle is SAT so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default "Disconnect the coil when hand

    "Disconnect the coil when hand cranking. If it hand cranks, w/coil wire grounded, connect the muffs w/water running and crank the engine 10-20 seconds at most to build up oil pressure. Repeat after letting the starter cool for 30 minutes. No need for gaskets but new belts would be good. Change ALL fuel filters and add a pint of SEAFOAM to the fuel tank before adding fresh fuel. Replace spark plugs if dirty.

    When was the OD impeller last changed? It should probably be changed due to dry rot. Was the OD oil changed? Check it and the level at the vent screw. Running on muffs will not tell you if it is pumping water; the hose is pressurizing the cooling system."
    Fix minor things (replace wear items for preventative maintenance.) that cause major problems before they break.

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    Default "You may first want to turn it

    "You may first want to turn it over a rev or so with a socket on the damper pulley nut, just to get it moving.

    Then cranking it over using the starter with the plugs removed makes it easier to circulate the oil. BE careful with any sparks as you are pumping combustible air-gas mixture out the plugs holes while doing this.
    Best to disconnect the coil primary or ground out the high tension lead as Guy says.

    You should get 10 psig or so on your oil pressure gauge within a short while of cranking. Do this a couple of times to be sure you are getting fresh oil to all metal to metal contact areas. Critical for the camshaft lobes which are only oiled by rundown from the lifters.

    Check the belts for fraying and/or cracking and judge accordingly.


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    Default "Great advice ... I got the ne

    "Great advice ... I got the new battery and leads installed today, penetrating oil in the cylinders soaking, the complete part kit to replace the impeller, hand pumps to drain and then replace the engine oil / gasoline / lower unit unit oil, the seafoam, and new plugs. About $300 bucks in parts / supplies so far but much cheaper than a new engine.

    I'm getting excited about bringing my baby back to life as I bought it new and I've used it a lot for 16 out of 18 years. It's almost becoming a classic now as it's a deep V with a lot of teak so I just gotta keep it. Wish me luck tomorrow!!!"

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    Default we have engines sitting down h

    we have engines sitting down here for 2 years at a time. We charge the battery and start if right up. But our climate is better than where you live so that may make a difference.

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    Default "As always it takes longer tha

    "As always it takes longer than you think ...I couldn't get the oil siphon started (needs to be warm oil I believe), had to draw the gas out from underneath the floorboards and I had 20 gallons in it, and then when I'm ready to crank w/o plugs NOTHING !!! One nuance I always had is the bow up trim will not lift the motor if the battery is even slightly low (and it's brand new) so if it was off to trouble shooting.

    The ground wire got really hot and I'm going to replace that next. I kept the charger on low charge overnight and if that doesn't do it next on the list would be the starter but I am very open to comments !!! As an FYI, it hand cranks over and the belts stayed in great shape."

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    Default Check both ends of both trim p

    Check both ends of both trim pump wires. Clean and tighten them and the new battery terminal points.
    Fix minor things (replace wear items for preventative maintenance.) that cause major problems before they break.

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