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    Default "Hey guys, I know this may be

    "Hey guys, I know this may be a little off the subject but I need some advice. I have an 89 Larson 17ft. bowrider with a 3.0 mercruiser and my trailer is shot. I can pick up a 19ft. trailer with a single axle and 530 X 12 inch tires with a C load rating. The trailer was used with a 19ft. bass boat with a 200 mercury on it. I am not sure of my boat weight. Do you think this trailer is too small for my boat? I don't want to buy anyhting that won't be safe for me. Thanks for any help or advice."

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    Default "NADA says that your boat, an

    "NADA says that your boat, an All American BC-170BR, should weigh 1785# including stern drive. Hope that helps."

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    Default "Check the tag on the trailer

    "Check the tag on the trailer to get its legal capacity, which likely also gives the OEM tire size. Also check the max load capacity on the tires, as the tires may have been replaced along the way.."

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    Default I would not mess with a traile

    I would not mess with a trailer that is underrated for your total boat weight. It will drive you crazy and be unsafe for both you and others on the road.
    In the event of an incident your insurance company could leave you high and dry if they find the trailer was loaded over its rated capacity.


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    Default "Double and triple check the n

    "Double and triple check the numbers. bass boats and outboards are almost always lighter than runabouts foot for foot. I could easily lift the 18 and 19 ft bass boats i've seen a good few inches up off the front of the trailer, whereas i can get my 18ft starcraft bowrider to move but much less and far more effort. I guess im saying i wouldn't be a bit surprised if that trailer won't hold your boat. Plus, you need to make sure the shape of the trailerfits your boat. Bass boats tend to have very shallow hulls with virtually no deadrise while your boat prob has a nice deep vee hull, and could very well catch on the trailer. Also, the bunks might sit too low, which would cause the boat to rest on the trailer axle and bounce going down the road cracking the hull. Measure it up real good and make sure you can adjust it if you decide to do it."

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    Default "Thanks guys, I think I will l

    "Thanks guys, I think I will look for a better trailer. I really appreciate all of your feedback."

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    Default There should be (hopefully

    There should be (hopefully but not always) a GVW rating on your trailer title. That minus your trailer's weight will give you what your trailer can handle. Also you can take the trailer down to a local dealer if you can't find that info and he may give you a ball park on what the trailer load capacity is by tire and axle size. Frankly a 17' BR should not weigh all that much say around 1800 max? Maybe equal to a 19' bass boat with a 200 hp outboard? My 19' Sunrunner Cuddy only weighs 2200lbs. Also remember you need to have 10% of the total weight set for your tongue weight or your trailer may get a little freaky at highway speeds. example: If your total trailer+boat weighs 3500lbs you need to have 350lbs tongue weight.

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