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    Default I have a 1998 sx volvo outdriv

    I have a 1998 sx volvo outdrive. YOu let it set for a day or two the all the sudden it will leak down. Any Ideas??

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    Default I had the same problem with my

    I had the same problem with my 2003 volvo sx drive problem went away but I would like to know what does this . so when I am towing the boad this does't happen to me

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    Default "First ensure that you have ad

    "First ensure that you have adequate fluid in your pump. Then check to see if you have air in your system. Fully lift the drive then SLIGHTLY loosen one of the nuts on one of the hydraulic hoses (#62). If you hear air hissing out you may have found the problem. You may need to push down on the drive to accomplish this. Tighten the nut once fluid sprays out. Repeat this for the second hose. Once you have bled the air, top off the reservoir and cycle the drive up and down a half dozen times. This should help.

    If it continues to leak down most likely you have a worn o-ring on a trim cyclinder. To repair you have to pull the cylinder off (#64) and remove a collar on the top. There should be an o-ring inside that seals off the plunger from the cylinder. I have done this for older 280 drives, but not newer SX drives.

    You might also find the cause to be faulty o-rings in the trim pump. Part #83 is a 'valve body seal kit'. You might find tearing down the pump, cleaning it and replacing the seals solves the problem as well.

    Good luck.

    http://www.volvopentastore.com/SX_PO...iew_i d.311925"

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