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    Default "I have a Volvo-Penta AQ260A e

    "I have a Volvo-Penta AQ260A engine with a Prestolite distributor, model number IBM7011A10L. One of the springs for the centrifugal advance weights has disintigrated. From the remains I found in the distributor it seems the two springs are different sizes and I need the smaller one. A check with a couple of local (Vancouver,BC) VP dealers indicates the springs are not available from VP or their normal suppliers. I know this is an old distributor but I hate to spend the money on a completely new distributor when such a small item is missing. Any sugestion as to where I could get the springs? It is not so much getting some springs but getting springs that have the correct tension to provide the proper advance curve.
    Thanks, Bill"

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    Default "Bill, my advice is that you t

    "Bill, my advice is that you take the distributor to a shop where they can service it and test the advance graph in a distributor test machine. They will likely charge you a small fee, but I think it is worth it. By just replacing the springs without testing the distributor you can do more harm than good to your engine if the advance curve is incorrect."

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