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    Default I have a Perkins M35 on a sail

    I have a Perkins M35 on a sailboat that I'm currently restoring. I fill the header tank with coolant and run the engine with raw water coolant intake line hooked up to a garden hose. After running the engine I check the header tank and it's empty. I have taken the tank off and had the core checked and it has tested negative for leaks. Why doesn't the tank hold the coolant?

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    Default "I speak as a owner of a 7.7 d

    "I speak as a owner of a 7.7 diesel westerbeke. There is an inner raw water stack tube cylinder that the fresh water (antifreeze) is around that gets cooled by the raw water. You probably have a leak at one end of the stack tube where there is a rubber gasket and the fresh water or antifreeze is going out your wet exhaust.
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