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    I have a Honda BF5A (5hp, 4 stroke) outboard. When I run the motor there is no water coming out from the top. I'm guessing this means the water pump is n"

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    Default "I thought the same exact thin

    "I thought the same exact thing when I went to our local Honda dealership. I asked for a pump kit and some crusty old guy bellowed "Are you sure you need one!" I said, Well I dunno you tell me! So he takes me upstairs to the show room and takes the hood off a brand new 8 hp (mine is a 1986 7.5 hp) and I was shocked that it looked identical, nothing changed in 20 years! Anyway he showed me the tube that comes up from the water intake inside the casing and goes into the engine. He said take that off suck through it. If it's clogged then take compressed air and blow it out. Then follow the cooling hoses around the motor and do the same. And try and blow out the cooling jackets that go through the head as well. I did all that and voila! My motor was pissing like a racehorse. I didn't need a new impellor or did I have to take the motor apart. I take all my honda business to this guy. "

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