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    Default "New to boating, bought 89 Cob

    "New to boating, bought 89 Cobalt 222, MCM 5.7 260 Alpha 1, 266 hrs. Had standard winterization & maintenance done, changed water impeller and drive cable, also found unexpected worn out drive coupler that had to be replaced. Not quite warm enough to flush antifreeze & put in Tahoe....but getting ready to take maiden voyage in a month or so.
    Wanted to make sure bilge pump operates properly, nothing in Owners or Maintenance Manuals on the topic. How do you test these, do you just put water in the bilge & turn pump on....is there any "maintenance" other than checking inlet for clogging and verify float switch turns pump on & off?"

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    Default Not sure if there is a standar

    Not sure if there is a standard for testing the bilge. I always just drop it in a bucket of water and flip the switch i have also added about 2 feet to the wires to make this easier.

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    Default "You could just put in the tra

    "You could just put in the transom plug and put about 6 inches of water in the bilge, then try the pump. This all assumes the boat is on a trailer.

    Mostly when these pumps fail it is simpler to just replace them rather than try to repair them. A good one runs about 40-50 bucks.


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    Default You stated there is a float sw

    You stated there is a float switch.At all times that switch should have power and a simple lift should have that pump running.I cut the top off a plastic milk jug for the pump to set in and let the water run...Todd

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