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    Robbie Powell Guest

    Default I have a friend who has a 1978

    I have a friend who has a 1978 Evinrude 15 hp. We were out fishing the other day and the starter rope broke. Anyone know how to go about replacing it. It is fairly simple or a job for a mechanic? Thanks

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    Default "I could have sworn I answered

    "I could have sworn I answered this previously.

    (Manual Starter Cord Installation)
    (This pertains to the type of Manual Starters such as the later 9.9hp and 15hp models)
    (J. Reeves)

    The starter assy must be off and on the bench to do that. Split the pulley by removing the retaining screws that retain the pulley halves. Install the rope, kinking it slightly so that it doesn't come undone. Reassemble and re-install the starter.

    Now, looking straight down at the starter, turn the pulley a turn or two in a counter clockwise direction to exert a pressure on the spring. Then, while holding the starter in that position, unkink the cord and thread it out the starter cord passageway.

    Pull the rope all the way out to make sure that it extends all the way (and retracts). While it's pulled out, tie a slip knot in it so that it doesn't accidently get away from you and slam back in. Install the handle, release that slip knot... that's it.

    When time permits, visit my store at:"
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    Default Thanks Mr.Joe I do appreciate

    Thanks Mr.Joe I do appreciate the tip. Have a great Easter!}

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