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    Default "Gentlemen, Would anyone ha

    Would anyone have an idea as to what a new coil should ring out using an analog or digital VM for-1.Output from secondary (spark plug wire) to coil ground wire. 2. Output from primary (condensor/point teminal) to coil ground wire.3. Output from secondary to primary? This coil is used on the older Evinrudes and Johnsons. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated."

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    Default "Charles.... I don't have

    "Charles.... I don't have that specified information BUT it is uaually available within the service manuals that are normally found in public libraries.

    The following is usually sufficent.
    (Regular Magneto Coils - Continuity Test)
    (J. Reeves)

    Checking the continuity of the ignition coils....... Have the ohm meter set to High Ohms.

    Remove the primary wire from points. Remove the coil ground wire. You do not want either of these wires touching anything.
    Connect the black lead of a ohm meter to the spark plug boot terminal, then with the red ohm meter lead, touch the ground wire of the coil.

    Then touch (still with the red lead) the primary wire. You should get a reading on both touches (contacts). If not, check the spring terminal inside the rubber boots of the spark plug wire.

    If there is no continuity between the secondary circuit (spark plug) wire and the primary or ground, remove the coil from the armature plate, then check the continuity directly between the prong within the coil (prong that the plug wire connects to) and the primary and ground. Poor or no continuity of a coil (or plug wire) is one reason for weak spark, s/plug fouling, or no spark."
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    Default "Joe, Thanks for the info.

    Thanks for the info. I was able to pick up a new one today and it rang at approximatly 750 ohms accross the secondary and +/- 1 ohm accross the primary. I had a total of six old ones from a 3 and 6 hp Evinrude and a 6 hp Johnson and all six rang differant from 330 to 500 ohms. All of these coils are probably what came on these motors and each of these motors are responsible for the loss of 75% of my sanity. ;-)"

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