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    Mar 2008
    Timmins, Ontario, Canada

    Default "It's my first day on this

    "It's my first day on this, please be patient if I'm not doing it right. I have a 30 hp 4 stroke Merc (yr 2000). I have a problem starting it cold but it's OK all day after that. There is no choke on the carbs. Prior to starting it I have to push forward the throttle all the way and pump it two or three times just like the old cars with carb for the accelerator pump to inject gas in the throttle body, then it will burn off that gas and I have to do it again a couple times then I can use the fast idle lever to maintain the engine running. My question is is it suppose to have a primer of some sort? The older models had a choke that when you pushed on the key, you could hear it engage. Pushing and turning my key while cranking does nothing but crank."

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    May 2007
    Inverary, Ontario, Canada - The Great White North Eh!

    Default "Denis, 4 strokes are (new

    "Denis, 4 strokes are (new) to most of the guys on here - so some of the issues are not as well known.

    That being said, your model has an "enrichment" system on it. It is electric and runs similar to an older choke solenoid. What I don't know is if this is operator activated or if the motor senses something and is supposed to do it itself.

    My service manuals are excellent, but they are not "owners/operators manuals" - so while I can read all the tech info, I just don't know if you need to push, pull or press something to get this operate.

    The enricher itself is on the top left side of the carb (with two wires leading to it).

    Perhaps someone can jump in here with the proceedure for using it (making it work)...

    If you have an owners manual - dig it out..."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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    Sep 2007

    Default That thing sux. That is suppos

    That thing sux. That is supposed to be automatic.
    FWIW you can go through the circuit check's.

    Any 4S carb is going to be a royal PITA that way.

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    Mar 2008
    Timmins, Ontario, Canada

    Default "Hi Graham and Bandit, This i

    "Hi Graham and Bandit, This is what I found for the 30 HP Merc 4 stroke. By the way thanks for helping out. I tried to repost on Seloc and couldn't. ???

    An electro-thermal ram controls movement of fuel through an enrichment circuit for cold-starting

    The 30/40 Hp Models utilize a carburetor assembly consisting of 3 single barrel, side draft, single float carburetors. An electro-thermal valve is mounted to the top of the top carburetor assembly to provide additional fuel for cold start enrichment. When cold, the valve contains a piston which is retracted into the valve unblocking an additional fuel circuit in the carburetor (from the float bowl to the throttle bore). However, once the motor is started the power from the stator/charge coil is applied to a heater element in the valve in order to gradually build heat in the valve. This process is timed to take about the same amount of time it should take a cold motor to warm to normal operating temperature. The temperature change causes the valve piston to extend, gradually cutting the enrichment circuit as the engine warms.

    Denis Henry"

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    Mar 2008
    Timmins, Ontario, Canada

    Default "<[img]"http://www.marineengin

    "30 HP 4 stk Merc Carb

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