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    Default "I want to see if someone can

    "I want to see if someone can give me some info on a wiring diagram for a Mercury Ignition Switch Part# 87-88107A5. The original switch has terminal markings, new switch is molded in plastic, and I cant tell which terminals the molded wires come from. They are color coded, but the wires in the control are kinda faded. Also the sheet that came with switch says "Note: Not all ignition wires will be used in all applications -one RED and one Black are not utilized in the Commander Remote Control. Tape back unused wires to prevent accidental shorts" I dont have a clue what model remote this one is, but I want to install this switch correctly so I wont get the wiring messed up. And, does anyone know about the butt connectors that came with this switch. Paper says they are a low temp solder that melts with a heat gun. I need help please. Thanks in advance "

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    Default I installed my ignition switch

    I installed my ignition switch today. There is a diagram in the Seloc Manual for a Quicksilver Commander Remote Control with tilt/trim switch.

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    Default ('87+ Commander 20

    ('87+ Commander 2000 12 wire with intergral trim/temp gauge circuit's)
    Black=Ground (5 pin)
    Purple=Key on Positive (5pin)
    Black/Yellow=Stop/Kill >>>(ground to stop)<<<
    Grey=Tach gauge driver (5 pin)
    Tan/Blue=Buzzer driver(heat/oil alarm) (5 pin)
    Brown/white=Trim Gauge driver (5 pin)
    Green=Trim Up
    Blue=Trim down
    Solid tan=Temp gauge driver (bullet lead)

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