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    Default i have what i think is a Ted W

    i have what i think is a Ted Williams 7hp outboard and am trying to find a magneto for it.model # is 217-58870. where is the best place to find one?..the sears website said its discontinued... could i use a magneto from a lawnmower? also i was wondering if it is aircooled?..any info would be appreciated.

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    Default "Ben, your motor was built by

    "Ben, your motor was built by Eska (bankrupt) for Sears.

    It is a 1972 7 horse, single cylinder. Now the good news. The powerhead itself was built by Tecumseh (very much in business).

    I have a cross reference to a Tecumseh number - Tec 640-05. Try a small engine place that deals with Tecumseh and see if they can help you out.

    Because, yes, you basically have a 7 horse, air-cooled lawnmower engine there. There may be a waterpump, but that will be used to help cool the exhaust and lower plate on the powerhead..."

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    Default alright thanks for the help...

    alright thanks for the help...the last time it ran it didnt pump any water out so thats why i was asking about it being air cooled.

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    Default "the impellor is alot cheaper

    "the impellor is alot cheaper on ebay instead of www.3sears.com and you only get a little water out the exhaust holes its a very simple set-up"
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