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    Default "My Son Has A Clinton 500 He B

    "My Son Has A Clinton 500 He Bought With A Boat, The Motor Is Model J500 1000B What Horse Power Is This? What Fuel Mixture Does He Use? Is It Air Cooled Or Water Cooled? It Seems To Need Carb Work It Wont Stay Runnin Unless He Slightly Squeezes The Bulb Every So Often,Is That Carbs? Or A Leak In The Fuel Line To The Motor? Any Help Would Help Lots, Thanks And God Bless"

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    Default "So many questions [img][/img]

    "So many questions [img][/img]

    The motor is a 1970/71, single cylinder, air-cooled, 5 horse.

    Fuel mixture is 24:1 - regular unleaded gas (87 octane) and 2 cylce motor oil (such as used for lawnmowers/chainsaws - NOT TCW-3 rated Marine oil).

    Squeezing the bulb to keep it running would normally indicate either an air leak somewhere in one of the lines (so check all connections, condition of the lines etc) or a faulty fuel pump.

    Clinton is long out of business, so if the fuel pump needs a rebuild, you will probably have to websearch for someone with parts - although, they are most probably out there...."

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