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    Default "I need help identifying my 19

    "I need help identifying my 1963 4 cyl I/O engine. I was told that it was a Volo-Penta but it doesn't look like the 1963 Volvo engines that I found online (my carbs are on the side. The outdrive unit says "West Bend Shark-o-Matic 800" on it. Here is a pic of the engine. Any ideas??

    1963 4 cyl I/O

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    Default "Not to take anything away fro

    "Not to take anything away from Andrew, but This site offers an early '60s West Bend Shark-o-matic manual for $25 on CD or by download.


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    Default "Shark-o-Matic"! They

    "Shark-o-Matic"! They had to be kidding!


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    Default For anyone interested- This is

    For anyone interested- This is a 1963 West Bend Shark-o-matic 800. It was basically an 80HP outboard motor that was mounted sideways with one motor mount in the front and adapted up to a manual lift outdrive unit. They only made them for a few years and parts seem to be rare. I pulled it and sold it the whole system. I have re-worked the boat and it is powered by a 75HP Johnson outboard now. Thanks-

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    Default "Steve, Thanks for the foll


    Thanks for the follow-up!"
    Andrew Menkart

    "There is no situation in which knowledge is more truly power than at sea."
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