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    Default I have a mid 90's model 40

    I have a mid 90's model 40 HP Tohatsu outboard. I need to clean the carburetor because I let it sit up too long. I made the mistake of fiddleing with the adjustment without making note of where it started. Does anyone know the carburetor adjustment to start with?


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    Default I'm in the same pontoon wi

    I'm in the same pontoon with you. M40D tohatsu 1993. Sat for 2 years. Drained gas and oil and put in fresh but can't get to run very well (if I put on about 1/4 choke can get about 4000 Rpm. 2500 Rpm without choke. Neighbor says floats in carb probably gummed up but don't know how to fix it myself. Any ideas?

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