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    Default Anybody know anything about 19

    Anybody know anything about 1989 5.0 Yamaha I/O? Are they reliable? I have never heard of one. Any info greatly appreciated.

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    Default "No inherent problems. Like e

    "No inherent problems. Like everyone else, they used the 5.0L, 305 c.i. GM powerplant, coupled to their own outdrive. They no longer produce I/O engines but the parts, although always expensive, should be redily available.

    Many of the common parts such as manifolds, water pumps, tune up parts etc. are available aftermarket, while you will need to get most drive system parts through your Yamaha dealer.

    If you are looking at purchasing one I always recommend a professional evaluation of the vessel. As you can tell by reading many of the posts here, it will be money well spent.

    Good luck

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    Default "Yama parts are no longer prod

    "Yama parts are no longer produced. Some basic parts are still made but can take up to a year to get and are hugely expensive.. Engines are chevy and most external engine parts can be replaced by other manufacturers with some fabrication I.E. late OMC trim pump, Merc Manifolds and risers etc. If the drive goes (they are not known for durability) your out of luck. I am told by Mercruiser rep that Merc is a direct bolt in as far as the transom is concered. So a swap over in a really nice boat is not out of the question."

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    Default "I have a '93 Yamaha 5.0 i

    "I have a '93 Yamaha 5.0 in my Glasstream 19' cuddy. Reliability: In the six years I have owned it, I have replaced a thermostat and water pump inmpeller (after I ran aground, clogging the intakes with muck and overheating) and I had the shift cable replaced - the motor would die when shifting into revers - apparently the cable had stretched over time such that simple adjustment was no longer possible. One feature I thought to be really cool was a switch on the outdrive portion of the motor for raising and lowering the outdrive when on the trailer - this, however, seems to have shorted out on me such that on occasion, while in the water and under power, the motor mysteriously trimmed itself up - very scary and dangerous - I have since disabled the switch and had no problems. The three parts I have needed - cable, impeller and thermostat, seem to have been readily available through the yamaha dealer. The local prop shop sold me two props (a 17 and a 19) when I brought my old two in for repair. Really no complaints from me. Now if I can find a reasonably priced SS prop !"

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