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    Default How do I know when my risers a

    How do I know when my risers are bad? I am getting alot of air bubbles out of my starboard exhaust on a block only fresh water cooled 318 chrysler. Thankyou John

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    Default "Is that raw water cooled or c

    "Is that raw water cooled or closed cooling system?
    Even with a closed cooling system, the risers (elbows) are cooled by raw water. The water gets entrained with the exhaust to help cool it as it passes through the rubber boots."

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    Default "John, If you don't kno


    If you don't know if they are bad and don't know when they were last replaced, it's time to take a look. Knowing that, being a 318 Chrysler, it's at least 20 years old, maybe 30, I would disassemble and inspect the system with full intentions of replacing it if it doesn't look suprisingly good.

    Once they start to leak it's too late.

    Good luck

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