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    Default "I read one of Joes' Reeve

    "I read one of Joes' Reeves earlier posts about checking spark and the distances the spark should jump. I had been using spark plugs to check for spark and I now understand why this doesn't work very well. The do it yourself tester is a great idea (especially for testing multiple cylinders) and I intend to build one soon. In the mean time, I came across a inexpensive commercial model available at car quest auto stores that might be of interest. The tester is quite easy to accurately adjust for any gap up to 1 inch. It has an alligator clip on one side and a spark plug terminal at the other end. I had never seen this tool before and thought some of you might be interested. It is made by Lisle and the car quest number is STL 50850. I believe the cost was $7.00. spark tester

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    Default "We sell a multi cylinder one

    "We sell a multi cylinder one here too (a bit more expensive though...) see

    CDISpark Tester"
    Andrew Menkart

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    Default Thanks Andrew...after I did th

    Thanks Andrew...after I did this post I checked the website and found the multi cylinder tester you described...pretty neat and explosion proof...I hope I don't need it soon but now I know where I can get it.

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